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TELECOM &amp; IT SOLUTIONS understand that systems must not only meet the objectives of the organization but should also be generating new opportunities in this context, computer activity can promote change and growth, but also bring with it significant risks and costs.<br>That's all it is important to perform accurate surveys and implement comprehensive controls on the computing platforms and that a minimum failure can be a big risk for the company, even allowing unauthorized persons have access to information confidential.<br>IT &amp; TELECOM SOLUTIONS we place great emphasis on computer security, because we have a broader concept of what that means.<br>Computer security is the protection of information, and this includes a correct power supply, alternative energy systems servers, alternative links, wired network made low quality standards, systems protection against computer viruses, political back-up, etc.<br>Add up your business with the direct participation of our specialists and has the support and experience of professionals in the field during all stages of your project.

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